[Drabble] What If?

She said it would be different this time. She said it a million times. He never met her expectation each time.

Eight years passed and she moved on with her life. He did, too.

But when the moon rises and the beautiful mermaid rises from the deep to sing her lullaby, he makes his presence known and taunts her that he had been the most important person in her life. Maybe, he still is.

She was waltzing her way from one relationship to another, her heart no longer as trusting as it used to (which gave her comfort) but she knew she was doing all the wrong things each time she would push a man away just because she was so afraid to commit the same grave mistake she made with him.

He was still breaking hearts, like he always did. From one girl to the next, he did to them what he did to her. Maybe even worse. Girls kept him busy and never gave him the chance to even think about her. But some nights, when slaying hearts would take its toll on him, he would allow his own heart to rest and think of her.

The one that got away. The one who felt too good to be true for him. So he made her leave. It took him quite a while to make her do it, but she eventually did. Her broken heart was the trophy he was never proud  to get. But he did.

That’s why he would, could, never forget. Ever.

The years had been good to her, he noticed, from the photos of her he chanced online. She still wears her hair long, just the way he liked it. Her smile is still so pretty – the kind that makes his heart stop a bit. He started to get curious.

What if…?

He still says all the wrong things when he is in front of her. He still does all the right mistakes.

He knows, though, that she still looks at him the way she did back then. Warm, longing, protective, loving gaze. The kind which she only makes for him.

But…but….there’s a little change he notices…a palpable change.

“I now know what I need and want,” she tells him, her eyes honest and true. “What we had,” she smiles, her voice sweet and warm, “I will always treasure. I will always cherish.”

She takes a deep breath, dropping her gaze on her lap. “But I am not that person, anymore. While you…you are still that person. You never changed. All the things I loved and hated about you…you are still those things.”

Quietly, unceremoniously, he now feels how to have his heart broken for the first time. The pain washes over him so quickly and excruciatingly that he could not even think coherently, let alone speak.

“I loved you, there is no question about that,” she softly says. “But…”

“…it was in the past,” he whispers, finally finding his voice, and the sound of his heart breaking into a million pieces ringing in his ears.


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