The Promise-Keeper


With heart bursting I praise the Hands that hold my heart in His golden palm. Truly, He hears my every sigh and my every word long before they leave my lips. Last night was a proof of that.

I saw how His hands daintily moved to put a smile on my face and I was floored. More than the physical presence of the gift, what moved my heart to beat wildly was the realization that no human hand could have orchestrated that blissful moment but only His. He knew how to make my heart flutter. He knew how to put on my princess crown when I most needed it.

I am His precious girl. He will move mountains or pebbles just to make me smile. And He did that for me last night.

Slowly, gently, He is fulfilling His promises. Especially this promise. I am enamored.

Thank you, Jesus, for your sweet romance.


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