Picket Girl

30-DAY ASIAN DRAMA CHALLENGE DAY 3 – Actress(es) that proved you wrong in their acting abilities

Hyeri in Reply 1988hyeri reply1988

Like how I did in the past two Reply (1997 and 1994) of the franchise, I walked into the Reply 1988 without knowing anyone of the actors or their previous works except Sung Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa who played the parents in all three dramas in the series.

I didn’t know Hyeri but I did know about Girls’ Day. But I didn’t even knew she is a member until I started doing background checks of the actors who played Sunwoo, Junghwan, Dongryong, Taek and Deoksun before I watched the first episode. Knowing her K-pop background, I got skeptical but I gave her the benefit of the doubt considering that Jung Eunji (who radiantly played Sung Siwon in Reply 1997) was also an idol from A-Pink.

And I was glad I set aside my prejudice.

Hyeri owned the character, hands down. Episode after episode, she won me over with her ability to play Deoksun like second skin. I laughed, cried, swooned, and grew up with her in a span of 20 episodes and seven years from 1988-1995. I read somewhere that she really worked hard to play the character well and I couldn’t congratulate her enough for her hard work. She will always be Deoksun for me, the often forgotten middle-child, the girl-next-door, Junghwan’s first love and Taek’s one and only.


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