The WritingMuse

I have been writing since fourth grade. Went to college for it. Chasing dreams, creating alternative universe, weaving words — that’s my therapy. This is my writing haven. My sanctuary online, my space.

I am a traveler. I love life and lately, I just found out, it is also in love with me.

I believe in living life to the fullest, each day. That’s why I have come up with this bucket list to remind me that each day is a gift that must be spent wisely and meaningfully.

Bucket List (so far, because my wants and desires add up each day):

1. Explore Europe and the rest of the world. (Update: So far the part of Europe I have seen is just a part of England – London, the Cotswolds and Cambridgeshire. I hope to travel more on this continent.)

2. Write a book.

3. See Stanford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare. (Done as of August 2010)

4. Be a lawyer.

5. Get married and build a family of my own.

6. Get married to someone who is deeply in love with me.

7. Experience a white Christmas (i.e. snow-falling, winter, wearing gloves and the three layers of winter clothing) (Done as of December 2010 in Seoul, South Korea.)

8. Get published.

9. Build my mom her dream house.

10. Experience how to fly. (Done as of October 2009 when I got to soar while doing the zipline – 1,000 meters of soaring high above Lake Sebu in Mindanao, higher than the waterfalls. Exhilarating feeling!)

11. Learn how to drive. (Semi-done, I think because I have yet to learn how to drive a stick shift. And learn how to park decently. )

12. Learn how to ride a bicycle. Yes, my childhood wasn’t perfect.

13. Climb a real mountain. Mt. Pulag will be a good one.

14. Wear a wedding gown and I mean, like what Disney princesses have. The complete hoolabaloo. I just want to dress like a princess for a day.

15. Travel to a different place I have never been to each year. (I try to achieve this each year)

16. See Dad.

17. Help someone go to school. (In progress)

18. Be a mentor or inspiration to someone.

19. Dance with the one I love under the rain.

20. Travel the world with my soulmate.



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