the day the sun stands still

One month. That's how long he said she held his heart in her palm. A month of catching fireflies at twilight, by the river bank  at the back of her home. A month of learning how to beat him at chess, of him trying to keep himself awake watching her favorite French films and of…Read more the day the sun stands still


Cold heart in spring time

Day 28 of the Song Challenge: A song by an artist with a voice that you love "Hello" by Boys Republic Discovered this song on Spotify's Discovery Weekly a few months ago and I thought the voices I was hearing were so good but the artists'name didn't ring a bell. Boys Republic is a…Read more Cold heart in spring time


I found this devotional way back when I was comforting a friend over something she deemed as non-sensical pain. But I have always believed that no pain is too small or too trivial or unsignificant. Pain is an equalizer. Whether it is physical pain or emotional pain, the truth is when we are in pain,…Read more Belittled