[Fiction] Love, still

The first time he saw her, she was not looking like true love. In fact, she was not even dressed for the part. Yeah, her face was lovely and her smile was contagious but she was not his type. He liked his women tall, slender and dainty…like the beautiful flowers dotting the coastline of Jeju-do…Read more [Fiction] Love, still


Silent Impressions

I am a lover of solitude. I thrive in quiet conversations under the stars. I find peace in small numbers. I crave silent nights spent writing and reading, my thoughts bleeding and set free across bound pages. It is little wonder, thus, to find my heart throbbing at the sight of you clothed in perfect…Read more Silent Impressions

When Faith Seems To Fail

Jordan & Cady Lewis

Since March, I’ve been asked many times if faith seems like a failure to me. I totally get this question. Jordan and I knew we were to believe for his complete healing here on earth. There wasn’t a time when Jordan complained or doubted his healing. He used what was left of his voice to praise and declare the faithful works of the Lord during some of his final days here on earth. I knew Jordan was going to be healed… we all did. Instead, he experienced unimaginable pain and died at 23 years of age- and I got a front row seat to watch his suffering.

So what am I supposed to do now that God didn’t do what I begged Him to do?

I’ve realized that faith is more than I’ve given it credit. It is a deep well from which we must draw deeper in order to quench our…

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